Real Estate Investing Playbooks

A clear set of process for achieving your REI goals

Analyze on computer

06. Analyzing Deals

Use a deal calculator Purchase price Down payment Estimated interest rate 4% closing costs Expected Rent 10% vacancy 7% – 10% maintenance 5% Cap Ex Insurance Property taxes Other […]

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Deal Flow

05. Deal Flow

Outcome Find consistent deals, it’s really that simple. Current Methods My Carrot websites REI Nation Norada Real Estate MLS searches Other Methods Facebook groups BiggerPockets forum REIA meetups More Resources Next Step […]

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04. Financing

Outcome Decide 2 things. One much money is needed to close the deal. Where is the money coming from? Initial Investment Amount What expenses do we need to consider in order to close on a property? We are going to assume the following We are not able to use a FHA loan (we are buying […]

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Analyze Data

03. Investing Criteria

Outcome When analyzing a buy and hold rental property what criteria are we looking for? Healthy market Desirable home Cash flow $200/mo or more 8% cash on cash return 📍 Good Market How do we define a good market? We already talked about how we are going to select a market. Selecting A Market 📶 […]

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Select a market

02. Select A Market

Selecting A Market Outcome: Find a market that we are excited to enter. Link to Google Spreadsheet 🔗 Criteria We should not be thinking about these data points as binary (yes or no). If a market has 100,000 people vs 30,000 people that don’t help us make a decision. We could make a priority matrix […]

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Investing strategy

01. Investing Strategy

Outcome Real estate investing has numerous strategies you can execute. It can be overwhelming trying to understand all of them. I am going to write out a few thoughts on the most common ones. ⏳ Buy and Hold This is typically what people think of when they think about buying a rental property. You are […]

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