Decide 2 things. One much money is needed to close the deal. Where is the money coming from?

Initial Investment Amount

What expenses do we need to consider in order to close on a property? We are going to assume the following

  1. We are not able to use a FHA loan (we are buying out of state)
  2. We are not able to use a VA loan (we are not a military family)
  3. We are going to assume 20% down will get us financing


Here are ways we can come up with the initial investment

  1. Save parts of our paycheck, bonus, etc.
  2. Cash-out refinance
  3. Partner with others looking to buy rentals
  4. Create and fund an IRA to buy and hold rentals
  5. Wholesale properties to fund rentals
  6. Create more cash-flowing assets that allow us to fund deals

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